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This week Usborne and Hibbert Mutual Fire Insurance Company will mail 2400 refund from surplus cheques to policyholders that are in good standing. This year the Company’s refund from surplus is $532,745. In 2016, the Company wrote $7.4 million in premiums and has a members’ surplus of $34.8 million. Usborne and Hibbert Mutual is owned by its policyholders and has been in the business of insurance since its inception in 1876. A refund from surplus is determined by the Board of Directors when after paying claims, managing the office and ensuring that adequate reserves are in place, if the company makes a profit any excess funds are given back to the policyholder in the form of a refund. Usborne and Hibbert Mutual has consistently been providing refunds for over 30 years.

The Board of Directors are: Calvin Strathdee, Jennifer Schroter, Mike O’Shea, Joe Chaffe, Tom Feeney, seated is Jack Hodgert and Shelagh Cleary, President & CEO.

Usborne and Hibbert Mutual is located at 507 Main Street S in downtown Exeter and writes automobile, residential, farm and commercial insurance. For a quote call 519-235-0350 and ask to speak with an agent.