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Harvest 2018 – is your insurance ready?

Harvest is one of the busiest seasons on the farm – it’s often a race against the weather to get the best yield and quality crops off the field. With so much to do, farmers are already gearing up for harvest by checking equipment, scouting fields and arranging schedules. Don’t forget to add a few fire prevention and insurance items to the harvest-prep list.

Fire prevention

Equipment fires are a real risk, especially after such a hot and dry growing season. Make sure all self-propelled vehicles, like combines and tractors are equipped with fire extinguishers. Consider adding a second fire extinguisher to larger combines, just in case.

Carrying a cell phone, knowing your field location and sharing your field location with someone else are also precautions to take in case a fire occurs and needs to be reported.

Usborne & Hibbert Mutual offers half price fire extinguishers to all customers.

Equipment disruption

How will you handle a machinery breakdown? A machinery breakdown can be a major interruption on the farm, especially during harvest. Loss of use coverage will allow you to temporarily replace your self-propelled equipment with a similar make and model from a local dealership to make sure you can get the job done. Plan ahead and double check your farm insurance policy ahead of the harvest season to make sure loss of use coverage is included.

Working long hours

Fall harvest often means long days in the tractor or combine and the extra stress of working against the weather. Fatigue and stress can lead to judgement impairment from pushing your body or equipment too hard – and that’s when accidents can happen. Liability insurance is often covered under farm policies, and is important in the event of an accident. Simple preventative tips like ensuring tractors and farm equipment are well lit while travelling roadways, slow moving vehicle signs are visible and taking necessary breaks for rest are helpful stay safe and combat the fatigue of working long hours during harvest.

Want to learn more about farm insurance coverage? Contact your local insurance agent or broker. The Usborne & Hibbert Mutal team can offer advice on the right insurance coverage for your farm and equipment – contact our team today.