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Fire Mutuals Guarantee Fund

A Special Message from Your FMGF Trustees

Safer Together

Like most of life’s adventures, it’s safer when you work together, The Fire Mutuals Guarentee Fund: your lifeline to a strong and vital mutual system.

The FMGF forms the bedrock of the Mutuals system in Ontario.
Together with Farm Mutual Re and OMIA, the Fund delivers a unique and extremely secure business model.

In fact, your Mutual belongs to one of the most financially secure networks in the world.

From Premium Notes to a Sophisticated Model

The Premium Note: 1800s to 1970s

Policyholders may be assessed an additional amount on their premium if a Mutual’s annual losses are high. Concern: cumbersome for the Mutual; uncertain for the policyholder.

Farm Mutual RE: 1959

Farm Mutual Re is established to spread risk and create financial stability and underwriting capacity. Mutuals can now insure larger risks and grow with their policyholders

FMGF: 1976

The Mutuals establish a $1,000,000 fund. Its purpose: to protect any Mutual policy holder in the event of any Mutual’s insolvency. The premium note can now be eliminated.

Solvency Examination: 2000

The Mutuals and the regulator create an arms-length solvency self examination process. This proactive process provides a clear picture of solvency across the mutual system and strengthens policyholder protection.

Through values of “strength in unity” and “neighbour helping neighbour,” the Fire Mutuals Guarantee Fund guarantees all policyholders’ outstanding claims and unearned premiums in the event that any Mutual cannot honour them. This fund is backed by each of the Mutuals and the Farm Mutual RE, thereby placing the surplus of all Member Mutuals behind any one. Policyholder protection is the Mutuals’ foremost goal.

The underlying principles of the Mutuals have not been of profit, but of cooperation and self-reliance. This theme has endured for well over 100 years and continues to this day.

For more information about the Fire Mutuals Guarantee Fund write to information@omia.com