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Put farm safety first this spring

Farm safety is always in season, but spring is a good time to refresh on safety tips and reminders ahead of some of the busiest days on the farm.

Be responsible

Farm safety applies to everyone working, living and visiting a farm. Farm owners or managers can prioritize farm safety by demonstrating safe farming practices, developing safe operation procedures for all equipment and properly train employees and family members to perform age-appropriate tasks.

According to Workplace and Safety Prevention Services, children and youth between one and 19 years of age account for nearly 18% of all farm fatalities. Be sure to educate children on the farm about safe practices, workplace dangers around the farm and what to do in the case of an emergency.

Visitors, especially children, should also be made aware of any unsafe or restricted areas of a farm.

Operate equipment safely

Machine entanglement, rollovers and runovers continue to be the most common types of farm accidents. Prevent these accidents on your farm by properly training all equipment operators, taking necessary breaks for rest and nutrition while operating the machinery, properly use safety equipment like guards and shields on machinery and seat belts and roll bars on tractors.

ATVs have become a very useful tool on the farm, for work and recreation. Be sure all ATV operators and riders wear proper safety equipment, especially helmets, and drive responsibly.

Make a plan

Consider creating a farm safety plan. This can range from a full analysis of hazards, development of standard operating procedures and safety training to a plan as simple as a list of emergency phone numbers and location of medical kits and fire extinguishers. Be sure to communicate your plan to family and employees. Visit www.casa-acsa.ca to learn how to create a farm safety plan for your farm.

Learn more

Visit these websites for more information on farm safety, training, developing a farm safety plan, fact sheets and safety legislation.

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association


Workplace and Safety Prevention Services

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