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Add these travel tips to your winter vacation plans

If you’re heading somewhere sunny this winter to escape the snow and cold, here are a few more to dos to your list before you lock the door behind you. Take a quick read about these travel tips from an insurance perspective…so you don’t come home to any surprises.

Keep your plans to yourself

It might be tempting to share an upcoming vacation to your social media circle, but you might want to rethink that. Advertising your plans could bring unwanted attention to your empty home.

Hire a house watcher

To the outside world, your home shouldn’t look empty even when you are on vacation. Have someone clean your driveway and sidewalk when it snows, pick up your mail and walk through your house. Most insurance policies recommend a daily house check if you are going to be away for more than four days in a row.

Check your settings

It’s always a good idea to leave the heat on in your home at a reasonable temperature while you are away. You might also consider turning off the water in the house and draining the lines to avoid any potential cold weather plumbing problems.  

Confirm your coverage

If your winter vacation includes renting a vehicle in the U.S., be sure you have added the OPCF 27 (rental coverage) to your car insurance policy. Then bring a copy of your pink insurance slip with you so you don’t need to buy additional insurance from the rental dealership. Confirming health care coverage is also a good idea when you are out of province.

Want to learn more about vacation tips and your insurance coverage? Contact our agents at Usborne & Hibbert Mutual today.