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It’s Time to Check Your Sump Pump

As we are hunkered down for the remaining cold winter months and dream of spring just around the corner, now is a good time to think about checking your sump pump. With frosty temperatures, pumps maybe don’t run as often in the winter and could seize or the float might stick not allowing pump to run when the weather warms up.

When your sump pump doesn’t run, your basement could flood and cause significant damage, so when you want to be outside enjoying spring you could end up inside cleaning up and living with house full of clutter while your basement is being repaired. It doesn’t take much to check, just fill a pail with water and dump it in the sump pump hole, make sure the pump starts and the water is pumped out of the hole. Also if your pump normally has to run a lot purchasing a spare pump to have around in an emergency is not a bad investment. Water sensors, and sub pump controls to monitor run times are also available. These can be connected to your phone so you know if you have water starting to come into your basement before you have a major flood.

Please take some time to make sure eaves trough downspouts are clean and extended away from your foundation. This will help keep water away from your house and prevent it from coming inside and causing damage so you can be ready to enjoy the coming of warmer weather.