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It’s time to close up the cottage

Fall is a bitter-sweet season for cottagers. There are all the new memories of the past season to reflect on. But for most it’s also time to close the cottage for the winter. Here are some tips as you prepare your cottage to get through the winter worry-free and make it easier to enjoy again next spring.

Check your insurance coverage

Preparing the cottage, outbuildings, dock and water crafts for winter is a good time to check in with your insurance provider to make sure you have adequate coverage for any changes or updates you’ve made to your cottage property over the past year.

If you rent your cottage make sure your insurance provider knows that, otherwise losses may not be covered. Extra coverage may be required to manage the risks from rental properties. Don’t assume water craft, sea dos and boats are covered under your cottage liability, they often require a separate policy.

Cottage closing is a good time to check your insurance limits of the cottage, sheds or outbuildings. Replacement costs are on the rise and you’ll rest easier knowing insurance will help you replace anything that may be damaged over the winter.

Reduce winter risks

Cottage insurance covers you all year round, so be sure you do as much as you can to prevent a loss or claim, even if the cottage is vacant. Shut off water, remove water from the lines and remove all food from the cottage to prevent pests and rodent damage. Lock outbuildings and remove anything valuable from your cottage to reduce the risk of a break in or theft.

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