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Prevention tips for trips, slips and falls

It happens every year. The cold weather hits and ice and snow create hazards, and accidents happen. Protect yourself from accidents (and liabilities) from trips, slips and falls. If you’re a home or business owner, be sure to take extra precautions and prevent hazards.

Clear a safe path

Snowy, icy sidewalks are one of the biggest risks for injuries. Take the time to clean your sidewalk of all snow and add salt to icy spots. Make sure handrails are secure, and clear of snow and ice to help visitors and patrons using stairs.

Break ice buildup

Blowing snow accumulates on roofs, overhangs and trees, creating hazardous buildups. Get rid of these  buildups to prevent damage and the risk of snow falling on anyone walking by. Excess snow can also lead to the buildup of ice on a roof and prevent heat from escaping potentially causing roof damage. If ice buildup is a constant problem, contact a qualified roofer to fix the situation.

Cover yourself against liability claims

Check your liability insurance coverage. Liability insurance should cover you if someone is injured on your property. Contact your agent or broker to check that you have proper coverage.

Check for compensation

If you have a trip, slip or fall, contact the tenant or property owner as soon as you can so they can notify their insurance provider. You may be eligible for compensation if negligence can be proven.

Winter in Ontario is a beautiful season. Be safe this winter, slow down and walk carefully.

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