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Tj Klopp

Farm policy with Usborne & Hibbert for about a year

“We switched our business to Usborne & Hibbert because we wanted to work with someone local and liked the mutual insurance system.”

“I really like working with our Usborne & Hibbert insurance agent, she has a great understanding of farm policies and what we need for our farm business.”

“I’ve found everyone at Usborne & Hibbert understands our farm, what we do and what we need for insurance coverage.”

“The pricing is competitive and the ability to conduct business efficiently a huge benefit to working with Usborne & Hibbert. And the people are great to work with.”

“I recommend Usborne & Hibbert to anyone. The company is customer oriented and they always have my best interests in mind.”

“I believe Usborne & Hibbert puts customers over their bottom line.”

“I like working with Usborne & Hibbert, they are easy to get in touch with, in fact I can pick up the phone and talk to anyone.”

“I like working with my local mutual insurance company, Usborne & Hibbert.”